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framed shower enclosures

framed shower enclosures

Our framed shower enclosures are much like the semi-frameless shower enclosures, except with more metal around the door and around the corner return of the shower panels. Framed shower enclosures are built to last and are typically more attractive than comparable products from big-box home improvement stores.

We do not offer any builder’s grade framed shower enclosures, the kind usually pre-installed in McMansions. Our framed shower enclosures are custom built for each individual space. It can be more of a challenge to keep the edges clean, and the glass is much thinner-typically 3/16″ to 1/4″ – but this is also a wonderful option.

Our mission

To build on our foundation as a humble, respectful, dedicated, honest and motivated company that delivers high quality, beautiful, functional, value-driven, custom glass products. We crave excellence and have goals to become the best company in our trade at a local and national level. We aim to reach this goal one job at the time, serving our customers beyond their expectations.

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the pros & cons of framed shower enclosures

Due to their metal frame, framed shower doors and shower enclosures are highly effective at keeping water where it belongs. The seals and sweeps that come with these framed shower enclosures mean the door can be placed anywhere, even right next to or in front of the shower spray, without a fear of leaks. With no need for highly polished edges, thicker glass and specialty hardware, framed enclosures are also less expensive than frameless models.

Framed shower enclosures also offer plenty of decorative glass options because the frame lends much of the support needed for the enclosure, so less strength is needed from the glass itself.

The drawbacks to framed shower enclosures are:
– They may appear to look dated in more modern bathrooms designs.
– Unfortunately, th
ey come in a limited range of sizes and shapes.
– Due to the frame, the shower doors on these structures only open outwards, which limits the layout option.


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