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what are frameless shower enclosures?

Frameless shower doors rely on heavy-duty glass and special pivots for structural support. These units are free of metal around the operable part of the partition, but some may incorporate a metal frame or tracks along other parts of the enclosure, such as the bottom or edges. Shower doors and tub enclosures with metal on any part of the structure are sometimes referred to as “semi-frameless.”

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To build on our foundation as a humble, respectful, dedicated, honest and motivated company that delivers high quality, beautiful, functional, value-driven, custom glass products. We crave excellence and have goals to become the best company in our trade at a local and national level. We aim to reach this goal one job at the time, serving our customers beyond their expectations.

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pros & cons of frameless shower enclosures

The greatest advantage to a frameless shower enclosure lies in the huge variety of design options available. Frameless enclosures may come in virtualloy ANY size or style, allowing for maximum customizations. The doors open in or out based on layout and design needs.

With no frames to get in the way, frameless doors provide a more open, airy look, making it easy to show off tilework and other bathroom finishes. The lack of frames also makes for easier cleaning. Due to the heavier glass and smooth polished edges, frameless enclosures come at a premium price point when compared to framed shower doors.

The lack of seals and sweeps means a greater chance of leaks, and also limits where you can place the door in relation to the showerhead. For example, positioning the door in front of the flow of the shower could result in leaks through the gaps around the doors.


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