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semi-frameless shower enclosures

what are semi-frameless shower enclosures?

Shower doors and tub enclosures with metal on any part of the structure are referred to as “semi-frameless.”

Semi-frameless shower enclosures are usually made of thinner glass than frameless shower enclosures and attach to the shower door opening.

A custom shower enclosure deemed “semi-frameless” has a “header” on the enclosure, and any stationary glass is fully framed with slim profile channel. The shower door itself, does not have framing around it, hence the term “semi-frameless.” 

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To build on our foundation as a humble, respectful, dedicated, honest and motivated company that delivers high quality, beautiful, functional, value-driven, custom glass products. We crave excellence and have goals to become the best company in our trade at a local and national level. We aim to reach this goal one job at the time, serving our customers beyond their expectations.

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benefits of semi-frameless shower enclosures

  • Semi-Frameless enclosures have a frame along the top and bottom. The benefit of this is that it makes your enclosure water tight. 
  • Since there is a frame along the bottom, we are able to use 1/4″ glass for the install. What is the benefit of 1/4″ thick glass? Cost. This is the main reason Semi-Frameless shower doors are more affordable than a Frameless Shower Enclosure. Frameless Enclosures will use thicker Glass.
  • Frameless enclosures are difficult to make 100% water tight. Removing all the frame creates gaps between where the door meets the stationary panel and the door meets the wall. We use plastics/vinyl to minimize water leaking out, but there will be some water that will find it’s way out.
  • Semi-Frameless will most of the time be the more affordable option. Using thinner glass, and with faster installation, drives the cost down.


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